“Save Amerli” Petition is on White House’s Table

“Save Amerli” Petition is on White House’s Table


Iraqi Bulletin

Thursday 17 2014

Adnan Al-Qaisi



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Iraqi activists are working to submit a petition to the White House in order to help the town of Amerli that is being under the siege of IS for more than 60 days.




The Petition describes the tragic conditions of the people in the town of Amerli because of the severe shortage in the food and medicine and the absence of electricity, water, and medical specialists, which directly caused the death of many children, patients, pregnant and elderly people.


Mahmoud Al-Bayati who submitted the petition described that Amerli case was ignored in the western media and was never mentioned in the speeches compare to all other stricken areas.


“I have thought in a way to deliver our voice to the White House because in my opinion, the United States are the only party who is capable to end this siege and save thousands of civilians of either starving to death or a collective massacre by IS if they succeeded to overrun the town” Al-Bayati said in an interview with Iraqi Bulletin.


The Iraqi government didn’t provide enough support to the sieged city until the moment. Besides, the limited supplies of food that was reaching the town by the helicopters are stopped since 8 days.


The General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers stated on Wednesday that there were supplies of food delivered to Amerli, but it appeared that this was just a lie, and the supplies are still on the ground of the airport since last Saturday and it was not delivered to anywhere yet.


“The Iraqi government always used to show Amerli as steadfast resisting city and always showing the pictures and videos of the fighters, but failed to deliver the voices of civilians and children who suffer from starving and illnesses, and severe shortages of food, medicine, and clean water, and I believe that this is one of the reasons why the world are ignoring the tragedy of Amerli, and yes the government is still blamable” Al-Bayati added.


Al-Bayati also stated that the United States can help Amerli simply from two stepts: first step which is the urgent one, is to save the civilians from starving and thirst and illnesses, by dropping Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) packages as well as dropping children milk formulas and clean water bottles, this step will be good to save lives of thousands of innocent civilians and children from starving to death.


Second step is to secure a humanitarian corridor to extract the patients, elderly people, wounded, women and children, by helping the Iraqi Army and the Peshmerga to reach to Amerly from Tuz-Hurmatu side via the airstrikes on the strongholds of the terrorists.


Amerli depends mostly on the local citizens and some official soldiers, policemen, and volunteers to defend on the city.


In a phone call with one of the fighter inside Amerli, Hassan, a 30 years old man, stated that they are actually starving to death. “the clean water from the official network is cut since a 45 days, and we are currently drinking non purified water from wells, which caused the children of the city to catch diarrhea which spread in an epidemic way because of the shortage in curing medicine”.


The petition needs the signature of 100 thousand person in order to be considered by the white house. Many Iraqi NGOs are trying to collect the signatures for the petition by publishing the below link:


https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/save-women-and-children-amirli-massacre-islamic-state/XN5flXH0 .



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