Anonymous … The Iraqi Version. 

A Shia author goes underground as his books criticize both Islamic extremists and politicians  

Detour cover 5 two sided

By Mohannad Al Zubaidi
Iraqi Bulletin
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Baghdad, “To ensure segregation between men and women, all stores and restaurants in Saudi have two doors. The main one, big and shiny, and a smaller, service-entrance type. It goes without saying which one is the women’s door.”, I. M. Hussaini starts chapter two of his novel “The Detour”.

The novel is a thrill type novel where an American researcher, Edward Fleming, travels to Saudi Arabia to save his friend but ended up in the middle of an ancient search for the missing book of Fatima.

Despite the novel is standard history thriller genre, the author tapped into a very sensitive subject concerning Prophet Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima, and her early death, making it the main theme of his book.

The author made similar editorials in each chapter to criticize the human rights situations in the Arab Peninsula and Gulf Countries in general.

In the editorial of chapter one the author says ““She grows up to be either someone’s slave or a whore. She dies, and the family’s honor remains intact.” With these words, Arabs used to bury their girls before they reached puberty. Islam came in and stopped this habit. As for the mind-set … well, that’s another story.”

 The author is writing under the pseudo name “I.M. Hussaini” imhussaini

Hussaini refused being interviewed and declined answering any question regarding his own background “my situation is sensitive”, Hussaini said in an email request from Iraqi Bulletin to conduct an interview.

But an Iraqi librarian in Mutanabi Street in Baghdad, the biggest book market in the Iraqi capital, said that the author is Iraqi Shiite and he currently lives in UAE.

The librarian, refused to be identified, said that Hussaini is dealing with very sensitive issues in his novels, “he criticizes gulf regimes, defending Shiite rights in Saudi, linking those regimes to terrorists and more over he exposed Shiite politicians’ corruption for western society”, the librarian said.

The librarian, who favored Hussaini’s book a prime location in his store, said that the author’s family is very concerned about his safety “they asked not to visit Iraq anymore, and some posts on the net identified him by name as ISIS enemy”, the librarian told Iraqi bulletin.

The publisher house “Barbed Wires” declined to comment on these threats against Hussaini saying that Hussaini had asked them to keep everything concerning him as classified.

In his first book, a standalone novel titled “Once Upon a Time in Baghdad” Hussaini describe a complicated plot to execute the 2005 double-socide bombing that targeted the main water station in Baghdad. In the book, the master mind behind the attacks was an Iraqi politician named: Dhafer Al-Dayni, the name (with only slight modification) and description matches that of a major party leader in the parliament. In the story, Dhafer was funded by a Saudi-government liaison whom Hussaini used continuously in all his books.

 Baghdad 5

Detour is a series of three books, according to the author’s page in Amazon.

In the second book of the series “The Tribute” Hussaini uses the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, Prophet Mohammed grandson, as a main theme. In this book the main plot was about the increased in child deformity in Iraq where Hussaini talks about deals to turn Iraq into nuclear  waste facilities. Those deals were signed by the Iraqi prime minister and his first deputy, two powerful persons where the story point to them by their party names and real names (also with slight modification).

However, Hussaini’s book seemed to inspire fans from both ends of the spectrum: Those who strongly agree and those who voiced their contempt and threat in Islamic forums.

“Not for amateurs in faith.” A reader left a comment on the Detour in Amazon. “You have to know the reality of Mohammed and his progeny versus the filthy heathens who became lord and masters of faith: Their detour has given Islam the shame of terrorism and Jihadist extremists. People who follow self-appointed leaders that were products of unlawful relationships must not read this book as they don’t deserve to see the light.”

 Tribute cover


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